Car Accident and Live Out of State – Michigan

You’ve been in an accident. Getting in an auto accident while visiting another state makes a potentially devastating life event even more stressful. Adding to the frustration is Michigan’s no-fault law, which is confusing enough without having to try to figure it out while in the aftermath of even a minor accident involving injuries. The goal of Michigan’s no-fault law is to make sure everyone has coverage for their injuries sustained in auto accidents. The is supposed to be achieved by requiring all drivers to carry insurance containing personal injury protection (or PIP) benefits.

Possible situations. Being from another state, chances are pretty slim that you have actually purchased Michigan no-fault insurance for yourself or your vehicle. You might have some kind of no-fault insurance as required by your home state, you might have your own insurance even though none is required, or you may have no insurance. You might be assuming that the other driver, or their insurance, will be responsible for your injuries. While that may be true in many states, possibly including your home state, Michigan’s no-fault law generally acts as a shield and protects drivers from most liability associated with their driving. Under Michigan’s no-fault system, in most situations the places you look for PIP benefits are:

A Michigan attorney can help you. If you are involved in an auto accident in Michigan and while you are visiting Michigan from another state, you may still have access to the same PIP benefits that a Michigan resident has. Whether you do will depend on several factors, and this is where a skilled Michigan attorney who has experience with Michigan’s no-fault law will be able to help you. Even if it turns out that you don’t qualify for PIP benefits, you may still have other options for recovery. The only  reliable way to make sure that your rights are preserved in this kind of situation is to speak with an experienced Michigan no-fault and PIP attorney. The complexity of Michigan’s no-fault and PIP laws, and the fact that those laws exist in a constantly changing landscape, mean the risks are too serious to leave it to chance. With the help of a Michigan personal injury attorney, you will be able to focus on recovering from the accident, confident that the matter is being handled correctly. For additional information, click here.