Out of State Child Support In Michigan

You don’t have to live in Michigan to owe child support. If you are the parent of a child in Michigan, you may owe child support, even if you live out of state. There are a limited number of circumstances when a Michigan court will assert power over non-residents, but child support matters are one of those situations. Further, because child support is an obligation to the child rather than to the other parent, it has a strong tendency to be something that courts take seriously. In fact, child support is something that courts will generally calculate on their own, using special software, and it is one of the few things that parents cannot just agree to waive in a divorce settlement.

Why you must take a Michigan order for child support seriously. Simply ignoring an order to pay child support, while it may work for a limited amount of time, will always leave you worse off in the long run. When a Michigan court orders you to pay child support, other states will generally be willing to enforce that order. Failing to comply can result in severe consequences, such as:

And, just as other states will generally be willing to enforce the order for child support payments, many of the consequences for non-payment can follow you into your home state as well. As a result, you should always take seriously an obligation to pay child support.

You have options. However, just because a court has ordered that you pay child support is not the end of the discussion. Child support needs to be reasonable in consideration of the circumstances, and must take into account important factors such as the level of income of both of the parents and the amount of parenting time each of the parents has. Also, just like with custody and parenting time, child support will change to account for significant changes in circumstances for the parents, including changes in income and parenting time schedules.

You need to act. Unfortunately, the court is not going to check in with you every so often to make sure that the payments they’ve assigned your still make sense. That means that if you have been ordered to pay child support to someone in Michigan, or if you even think you may be so ordered, you need to speak with an experienced Michigan family law attorney. Your attorney can assess your situation, help you determine if the current arrangement makes sense, and help you get it changed if it doesn’t.