Out of State DUI In Michigan

Overview. Getting pulled over for a DUI offense while out of your home state can be an embarrassing and frustrating experience. From a practical standpoint, driving privileges are some of the most important we will ever have. Without them, it becomes much more difficult to support ourselves and our families, and to get around to the things that we enjoy. You may think that traffic matters (including traffic misdemeanors and felonies like DUI) in a state other than where their licenses are from don’t matter. It cannot be stressed enough, though, that this is the wrong kind of thinking, and will only lead to more problems down the road.

Why you should never ignore any DUI charge. While it is true that only the state that issues a license can take it away, you still should care about something like a ticket or DUI in a state like Michigan, even if you don’t live here, and even if you really have no intention of ever coming back. Here are a few reasons why:

Conclusion. Considering how important your driving privileges are, and the amount that is at stake, you should never take a charge like a DUI lightly. Trying to handle it yourself, or ignoring it, can have disastrous consequences. If you ever find yourself accused of a DUI offense, you need to take the matter seriously and consult a Michigan attorney who regularly handles DUI offenses in order to ensure that the matter is handled correctly and that your rights and privileges are protected to the greatest degree possible.