Out of State Military Divorce in Michigan

Divorce is never easy. There is no question that going through a divorce can be a very difficult experience. Things will get even more complicated when you are a member of the armed services Military divorces are, in many respects, exactly like any other divorce. Assets will still need to be divided, the appropriate cooling off period will still apply, and if there are any children, the court will still be charged with making sure their best interests are looked out for.

Being in the military raises the stakes. Despite the similarities to regular divorces, divorces for members of the armed services are always going to be more complex simply because of the nature of military service. Issues that become more difficult in a military divorce can include:

The situation is not hopeless. This increased complexity may lead some to think that getting a divorce while in the military, or getting a fair outcome in such a divorce, is impossible. There is no doubt that these added complexities make getting a divorce while in the military more challenging than it is for civilian couples. However, the entire reason attorneys exist is to handle complex issues like this for you, so that you can focus on getting your life in order and moving on. An experienced attorney who regularly handles military divorces will be familiar with these issues will be able to help you get the process underway and get you a fair outcome now.

Let us help you. The bottom line is that a military divorce, while more complex than a normal divorce, does not have to be the end of the world. Courts will generally take the logistical difficulties into consideration, often allowing you to appear through your attorney or via telecommunications. An experienced Michigan family law attorney can make sure everything is handled correctly, thereby preserving your rights, minimizing the risk, and getting you the best possible resolution.