Out of State Probate in Michigan

Overview. Probating an estate is difficult enough, and it only gets more complex when you need to do so from out of state. Experiencing the loss of a close relative and loved one will be an emotionally difficult time for any of us. Adding to the emotional stress is knowing that someone has to close up all of the person’s affairs. Someone is going to have to pay the debts, taxes, dispose of the property, probate the will, and the like. Now more than ever, families spread out across the country. The pursuit of education, careers and other opportunities, such as retiring to some place warm, means people are living their lives more to the fullest. On the other hand, when a family ends up dispersed throughout the country, there may be a cost in terms of added difficulty in handling a family member’s end of life issues. Especially if no members of the family live in the same state as the deceased.
An attorney can help ease the burden. Fortunately, even if no one happens to be living in the state where your loved on lived, you will not have to move to Michigan just because you have been named in a will here. Most of the time, Michigan probate courts will allow an attorney to make appearances on your behalf of the estate, while you handle your portion of the administration of the estate from your home state. However, the probate will still have to conform to all of Michigan’s laws, and an experienced probate attorney will be able to help you understand the process. Your attorney will ensure that the matter is handled professionally, keeping the stress of the situation to a minimum and allowing you to focus on what’s important.
An attorney can protect your interests. Occasionally, although it is unfortunate, some people use this difficult time to try to take advantage of family members. Whether driven by greed or grief, they might try to cheat others out of a their fair share of the estate by secreting away assets for his- or herself. Some people use such opportunities to lash out and attempt revenge over old feuds. Whatever the reason, it makes an already emotionally difficult time even harder. This becomes even easier when the rest of the family is away, and not in a position where they can conveniently keep an eye on the proceedings. If you ever find yourself with concerns that this may be happening, it is imperative that you contact an experienced Michigan probate attorney. A local attorney can step in on your behalf and make sure that the estate is being administered properly, and that your rights are being protected. They can make sure that your loved one’s final matters are being attended to in properly, in accordance with their actual wishes, and with due respect and care.