Out of State Traffic Ticket In Michigan

Traffic tickets are serious. There are few things more frustrating than getting a traffic ticket, especially when you get that ticket while traveling out of state. The ability to drive is something that most of us need for both personal and professional reasons. Most of the time, we are careful and mindful of the traffic laws, but from time to time, we all have lapses in attention or judgment. Thankfully, these moments are usually harmless and nothing happens. Unfortunately, though, they can still land us in trouble with the law. This is especially the case in some cities may be attempting to use fines from tickets to supplement decreasing tax revenues by increasing how strictly they enforce the traffic laws. Being an out of state driver may make you an easy target for enforcement.

It isn’t easy to fight a ticket. In a certain sense, fighting a ticket can be a very difficult thing because most traffic offenses are civil matters. This means that the city attorney or prosecutor has a much lower burden of proof to meet than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” you’ve probably heard of from criminal law. Being from another state,  you also have to factor in the cost and logistical difficulty associated with arranging to appear in traffic court to try to fight a ticket. When combined with the bar being so much lower for the prosecutor to make the case, it seem like your only options are to just pay the ticket as written, or just ignore it entirely. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking actually ends up hurting these people in the long run for many reasons, including the following:

A Michigan attorney can help. Fortunately, there is another alternative. In most situations, an experienced Michigan attorney will be able to meet with the prosecutor or the city attorney and negotiate a reduction in the ticket, possibly to something that would not be reported to your home state. In certain situations, your attorney may even be able to get the ticket dismissed entirely. Additionally, as long as the ticket is charged as a civil infraction, your attorney can appear for you in court without you having to make the trip all the way to Michigan to appear. If you ever find yourself facing a traffic matter in Michigan, you need to speak with a skilled Michigan attorney in order to make sure you obtain the best possible result.